Thursday, July 5, 2012

Golf Club a Deadly Weapon

It's a slow news day here at Tee, Esq. following yesterday's 4th of July celebrations, but one minor story jumped to our attention. The Burbank Leader is reporting that over the weekend, a local man was arrested for threatening his sister's fiancee with a golf club. The man was charged with attempted assault with a deadly weapon. The deranged man's club selection remains unknown at this time.
From a legal standpoint, this case is a good reminder a golf club is, in the eyes of the law, a deadly weapon. So next time you threaten someone with a golf club, you could be facing an even stiffer sentence than if you were holding, say, a tennis racquet or a pool toy.

As someone who's getting married next year, I can only speculate that chasing your future brother-in-law with a golf club will not make Thanksgiving dinner less awkward.

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