Thursday, June 21, 2012

Massachusetts Woman Charged With Drunk Driving After Crashing Car into Sand Trap

Looks like the Burger King cup held a "John Daily," not an "Arnold Palmer"

Fox Sports News is reporting that Patricia A. Maione, 46,of Uxbridge, Massachusetts has been charged with a host of motor vehicle violations after she crashed her car into a bunker at the Whitinsville Country Club.

According to the report:

Maione reportedly told police that her GPS had instructed her to drive into the sand trap. According to the paper, the police report stated that "her GPS had told her to turn left. She stated that this left brought her into a 'cornfield' and once she was in the 'cornfield' she kept driving trying to get out her 'cornfield.'"

Far from occurring in the middle of the night, the incident took place during the middle of a busy summer day. A number of golfers were on the course at the time, but thankfully no one was injured.

Maione's green Buick LeSabre came to rest in a deep sand trap. No word from the USGA on whether the car is a movable or immovable obstruction...

Police charged Maione with driving with a suspended license, drunken driving (her fourth offense), negligent driving and an open container violation. Under Massachusetts law,  a fourth DUI offense is considered a felony. If convicted, Maione faces:

(1)  a term in the state penitentiary of not less than 2 and not more than 5 years
(2)  a fine of $1,500-2000
(3)  a suspended driver's license for 10 years
(4)  seizure and sale of her vehicle

Things are not looking too promising for Maione as she admitted to drinking a half liter of vodka earlier in the day and police found a Burger King cup full of alcohol in her car. The King would not be pleased.

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  5. This is the legal response for everyone as she was charged for drunk and drive as a traffic violations

  6. Today, many folks are mixing alcohol with prescription medications or illegal drugs and getting behind the wheel.

  7. Same goes with establishments selling alcohol, underage drinking is on the rise and so are the under age drunk drivers.

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