Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girl Electrocuted While Playing Miniature Golf

Several media outlets are reporting a bizarre incident involving a small child who was apparently electrocuted while playing miniature golf an Orlando resort.
According to the reports, the girl, Ashton Jojo of Latham, NY, was trying to retreive her ball from a pond located on the a miniature golf course at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, FL when she screamed out for help. A bystander attempted to rescue the child and was also injured. The coroner ruled her death by to by electrocution.

The sad story is likely to end up in court where the family will likely have a solid case against the resort under a premises liability theory. Under Florida law, a landowner owes the highest duty of care to a business invitee (as opposed to a licensee or trespasser). Florida courts have held that duty to include to maintain the property in a safe condition and warn invitees of any danger the owner knows or should know about. This includes the duty to regularly inspect the property.

The link to the full story can be found here.

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