Monday, June 11, 2012

Clemens Offers Golf Alibi at Trial

Our good friend Robert Harris, an occasional guest columnist here at Tee, Esq. and publisher of the fantastic, has written an interesting article noting the prominence of golf in the perjury trial of former-pitcher Roger Clemens.

According to several published accounts of the trial, Clemens last week called former Marlins broadcaster Joe Angel as an alibi witness. A major component of Clemens' defense has been that Brian McNamee could not have overheard Clemens and Jose Canseco discussing steroid use at a 1998 pool party because, according to Clemens, Clemens was not present. Angel testified that he saw Clemens, a four-handicapper, at Weston Hills Country Club that morning.

Mr. Harris asks a fantastic question, wondering whether Mr. Clemens posted a score that day. As he put it:

"A visit to the GHIN website shows that Clemens submits scores fairly regularly. While the publicly available data doesn’t stretch back to 1998, the GHIN website states that the system has been in place since the early 1980′s. Perhaps scores are available on computer servers?...For Clemens, GHIN might bolster an alibi."

Tee, Esq. took a quick look at all published federal and state court decisions to see if posting a score on GHIN had ever been used as an alibi in a criminal proceeding. To the best of our knowledge, it has not. However, if Mr. Harris' suspicions are correct, golf might just help acquit -or convict- Clemens. Yet another reason to post every score...

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